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What are the most filling foods for weight loss?

April 24, 2017

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6 effective weight loss tips for a lean physique

June 7, 2017



Dropping body fat can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. If you've been killing yourself on the treadmill of following a fad diet you may not be seeing the results you want. Below are six powerful weight loss tips that actually work and will trim up your body in no time. 


Drink more water - Keeping well hydrated will improve your bodily function and increase performance in the gym. It is an essential tool for weight loss. The guidelines state drinking 6-8 glasses a day, but this is very vague. It doesn't take into account climate conditions, age, weight or even activity level. A more accurate way is measuring it from the other end. Aim to urinate at least six times a day, and you'll know your body is well hydrated.


Eat more protein -it will boost metabolism and will reduce your appetite making healthy eating easier. You'll also burn more calories at rest from a high protein diet through a process called dietary induced thermogenesis. 


Remove sugar-sweetened drinks and fruit juices from your diet - liquid sugar is not registered in the brain in the same way as other foods, so it is very easy to over consume calories for the day. Fruit juice contains the same amount of sugar as these drinks, and as the fibre has been removed, it will spike blood sugar levels.


Replace sugar, refined carbs and modern wheat with other foods - these "bad carbs" are low in nutrients and fibre and contribute to overeating, which will bring with it numerous amounts of metabolic problems and diseases. Eat vegetables, fruits (whole), potatoes, healthy grains like rice, oats and quinoa. Don't restrict carbs just eat real food!


Take care of your lifestyle, get adequate sleep - studies have shown sleep to be linked to obesity, with sleep deprivation linked with a 55% increased risk of obesity. Avoid caffeine after 12 pm and maintain a consistent sleeping pattern.


Replace unhealthy fats and oils with healthy ones- avoid any hydrogenated oils and refined vegetable oils (corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil). Replace with olive oil and coconut oil. Margarine is made up of hydrogenated oils and refined vegetable oils, so replace with grass fed butter.


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